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Dog Safety Harness

Dog Safety Harness

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  1. Safety First: Keep your furry friend secure and protected during walks with our reliable harness and leash combo.

  2. Ultimate Comfort: Ensure your pet's comfort with our adjustable harness and smooth retractable leash for enjoyable outings every time.

  3. Training Made Easy: Train your pet to respond and return safely with ease using our versatile harness and leash set.

Easy Control & Comfort

Carefully designed with breathable, adjustable materials, your dog will feel comfortable, even after hours of wear. It's like a second skin to them!

This harness gives you effortless control over your pet. No more pulling and tugging! It's a cinch to harness your pet without causing discomfort.


Harness Sizes:

Neck Measurement:

This measurement determines the circumference of your pet's neck, typically taken at the base where the collar sits. It's crucial for ensuring the harness is not too tight around the neck.

Chest/Girth Measurement:

Measure the widest part of your pet's chest, just behind the front legs. This measurement ensures that the harness can be securely fastened without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

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